When Yakub Ultraviolet Science Students Focus & Blink at Planes

twog-WNBAAAnd the day and age came during the second term of the Obamanation Desolation when those students of the emerging Ultraviolet Light science knew greater abilities, properties  and their proper measurements with focus and light than just the day to day use by which the sleeping and the damned facilitated them by turning them on and turning them of and such. For all lesser lights than Ultraviolet Light are subserviant to it and the UV can be made to bind with it and  become its master and the fools had puttin blinking lights on their barbaric airplanes by which they too became targets. For this came forth after the age when little Yakub 7 Ali first stated, “all light belongs to me” but also before it was published. And once again St. Liar Nicolas Thief was told to go before the congregation and beesch them not to use the planes blinking lights  for  target practice.

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