Lucifer’s Message to Blacks: The White Epidermis’ Running Sores; And don’t forget: Lucifer means ‘light’ & he was “most beautiful light of them all”.

“Lucifer ‘Lucy’ Nigaro” – by penitentiary artist Nikel Felon

Now after Lucy witnessed how low down and niggerish normally Christian blacks were behaving when they mastered Yakub 7 Ali Ultra Violet Science level UV reflection, assemblage and direction of light he relented. “God is not going to be mad at you for secretly sitting in their presences because you know you are one of their friends in the I have black friends” alleged non white racists claim and you know the Sun of God and Mother Nature will not chastise thee nor punish you for doing this when you know your 3rd Eye will activate and move toward focusing on their flesh and will mature in melanomas, how will your carnal eyes want to look upon such ugly all the day long. For the pus from the running sores on their faces, scalps and palms you will see. Will your stomach be able to digest the hollowed cavern and deepened holes that show when they worsen their conditions and further their pain by their radiation treatments? What of when you are in the grocery stores standing behind them in line and your children see them. Will you say to that which they need to here, “see children this is what happens when you commit racial atrocities upon the planet and do not make restitution for them.

“See what Mother Nature does to those who betray her racial orders and how the Sun of God turns His light against them. See there? Now Behold his skin.”

See what Mother Nature does to those who betray her racial orders and how the Sun of God turns His light against them. See there? Look at the holes the Sun of God burned into that white man’s face and scalp. For in these days melanoma skin plagues attacked whites under direction through the natural deities and through the 3rd eyes of those enabled to process UV light through that direction. And Yacub 7 Ali had already ascended. And was expected to return before the Mayan Prophecy.  Can you say in your heart whether you are visiting them for the right reason (because they deserve to have their so called black  friends sit in their presences whilest you knoweth thy presence is damning to their health. For is that not the selfish deception they have treated and treat yours with?

SEE: The Glenna Kohl Melanoma Execution

Now when Sterling Coleman received word of Lucy’s questions he feared and rushed to release elementary knowledge of also how to preserve mankind’s health. And some said that knowledge he will have only received from only the coming of Yaqub 7 Ali or Yakub 8 Ali.
For throughout the land all people of color did want whites to have all the racial crimes their (whites) had done against others and refused restitution for (with due interest) returned unto them. For the fasting of the God Damn America Movement blacks were causing great heatwaves in Central America and causing great damage to white people’s epidermis. For the heat did weaken it and increase its susceptibility to being damaged with Ultraviolet Light. And with melanoma manifestation appearing on them even because of lights being assembled and redirected upon their bodies from television, Sterling hurried to release Lucy’s words. And some agreed all white flesh should be running with sores from their evil. But Sterling hastened St. Nicolas Thief to speak for him. For he had rebuilt the integrity of Sodom and Gomorrah for all whose eyes were opened. Because those who only saw when the Sodom and Gomorites raped the angel who named himself ‘God’ were still asleep.

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