Gates of Heaven shut to Gentiles & Birthright Thieves

And God spoke saying, “Now the Gates to my Kingdom of Heaven are closed to those who betrayed me.”

“Shall a man betray God,” Saint Liar asked?

“Yes but men have betrayed me,” God spoke. And God said, “Why else did my Jesus have to teach love to the Gentiles except it was not in them innately to love? And are they not even the same as the ones who yet claim your birthright?

“Except, you, who are connected to my umbilicalcord knew love without it being taught.

“Now when you rejected me how severe was your punishment?”

The Atlantic slave trade, also known as the Transatlantic slave trade, was the trade of African persons supplied to the colonies of the “New World” that occurred in and around the Atlantic Ocean. It lasted from the 16th century to the 19th century. Most slaves were shipped from West Africa and Central Africa and taken to the New World (primarily Brazil[1]). Some slaves were captured by European slave traders through raids and kidnapping, but most were obtained through coastal trading with Africans.[2][3] Most contemporary historians estimate that between 9.4 and 12 million[4][5] Africans arrived in the New World,[6][7] although the number of people taken from their homestead is considerably higher.[8][9] The slave-trade is sometimes called the Maafa by African and African-American scholars, meaning “holocaust” or “great disaster” in Swahili. The slaves were one element of a three-part economic cycle—the Triangular Trade and its Middle Passage—which ultimately involved four continents, four centuries and millions of people.

“Now how much more shall my damnation be to those who are not my own who betrayed me?” God spoke.

Now in the days when knowledge of the completion of the ceremony of the Wedding of God first began to be publicly spoken of, the Gentiles and the fake Jews of Israel held even tighter on to their Bibles saying their prayers and mocking God’s words.

And yet from their mouths, the very words of their prayer fell to the earth beneath them.

And the sunlight pouring through the clouds held the seal of God that is the entrance to the Gates of the Kingdom of Heaven. And on its rays fire burning the Gentiles, birthright thieves and all those who betrayed God rode. And from the heavens it streamed down like lakes.  And it was God’s Lakes of Fires.

And in the begining of these days, those who held confidence in their new wedding vows to God found their way back across the plain whereby men could be flesh or energy again. Thus we began crossing between the earth and the heveans.

Too, in these days, those dead in God did walk the earth again.

Now those with the eyes of God could see their relatives and the ancients who had come and gone before them. Yet those who had eyes and had betrayed God remained blind.

“Had they wanted love, they would have all been one color and would have been with me in my Wedding,” God said. “Yet they rejected love and so rejected me. Now my sun’s light pours through the clouds and is the Lake of Fire I promised to burn the earth and seperate the wheat from the chaff.” God said.

Now in these days, businesses did open to serve the living and the dead. And those with the eyes of God visited with those who were once dead. Yet to those who God did leave behind, which are the Gentiles and the fake Jews of Israel, Europe and the West at the tables in the businesses where the living and the conversed and ate, they only saw the living.

3 thoughts on “Gates of Heaven shut to Gentiles & Birthright Thieves

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