God Shall Not Be Mocked

With Lucifer having disrobed his cloak and revealing himself as God who desired neither praise nor worship from man, he spoke saying, “I am light. Who is light evil to but he who can not stand in it. God shall still not be mocked. The sun is mine too.Cursed Brave Lewis Burned in Lakes of Fires
Oct 22 2007 By Brian Mciver

Following A Four-Year Battle With A Rare Form Of Cancer, Brave Lewis, Aged 13, Succumbed, But His Parents Ensured His Kind-Hearted, Giving Nature Will Live On In The Form Of A Charity Set Up With The Primary Aimto Helpunder-Privileged Children In Awar-Torn Cornerof Africa.

WHEN Lewis McLachlan finally lost his four-year battle with cancer this summer, his family knew his memory and his incredibly cheery spirit would live on with them.

But they also knew that for such a special 13-year-old, who was among the bravest and kindest souls they had ever met, memories alone would not be enough to pay tribute to his incredible compassion and courage.

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